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2016 AM YF Group Photo

My Etsy Store

If you are interested in pricing please scroll to the bottom of this page . You can contact me directly or through my Etsy shop.

Contact Glenna Bayer:


If you want to buy a print, please contact me and I will create a listing on Esty.

My standard offering is canvas prints mounted on foam core.  These prints fit in standard sized frames readily available in craft and hobby stores. Typically I ship by USPS.

   5x7    Canvas Print, Mounted on Foam Core          $16.50  +  Shipping

  8x10   Canvas Print, Mounted on Foam Core          $24.00  +  Shipping

12x12   Canvas Print, Mounted on Foam Core          $34.00  +  Shipping

11x14   Canvas Print, Mounted on Foam Core          $34.00  +   Shipping

12x16   Canvas Print, Mounted on Foam Core          $44.00  +  Shipping

12x24*  Canvas Print, Mounted on Foam Core         $54.00  + Shipping

16x20   Canvas Print, Mounted on Foam Core         $64.00  + Shipping

12x36   Canvas Print, Mounted on Foam Core         $89.00 + Shipping

16x36   Canvas Print, Mounted on Foam Core         $114.00 + Shipping

20x30   Canvas Print, Mounted on Foam Core         $124.00 + Shipping

24x36   Canvas Print, Mounted on Foam Core         $174.00 + Shipping

*Limited availability in hobby stores


Custom size avialable to match any existing frame.                                                       

Maximum print size 44 in x 59 ft

Canvas Wraps Available

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